Personalized Attention

Our outstanding and highly educated faculty provide individualized attention, facilitate student comprehension and preparation for the practice of law, and cultivate a strong sense of community.

Expert Faculty Members Who Invest in Student Success

NIU Law boasts an experienced, student-centered faculty dedicated to the development of practice-ready lawyers and to your overall success. Educated at some of the nation’s most prestigious law schools, this diverse group brings a broad range of professional experience to the classroom. Faculty at NIU Law invest significant time cultivating student success by planning innovative learning methods, engagement of students, and providing individualized attention.

Small Class Size Encourages Learning

The excellent student/teacher ratio of 7.4 students to each faculty member allows for broader and livelier class discussions, mentoring of students, and class simulations. The smaller classes at NIU Law also facilitate comprehensive and immediate feedback, office discussions with faculty, and hands-on learning methods throughout the law school curriculum. Our small size also allows us to provide an exceptional skills training program, opportunities for clinics and externships, and a proven bar exam preparation program.

Clinical Experience

Clinical classes provide hands-on learning opportunities - students advocate on behalf of real clients under the direct supervision of experienced faculty. Clients are provided free legal services, which means that the work that you do helps improve the life circumstances of the clients you are representing.

Close and Diverse Community

NIU Law has an unusually strong sense of community, where faculty are accessible to students, learning occurs in a cooperative rather than a competitive environment, and where students, faculty, and staff know one another and build meaningful relationships. As part of that, we are committed to creating and supporting a diverse student body and faculty, which strengthens our collegiality and enhances the educational experience. The school also has a large number of student organizations that provide an opportunity to become even more engaged in the law school community.