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The Northern Illinois University Law Review is a student-edited journal that publishes articles intended to assist the legal community and to stimulate critical discussion of current legal, policy and social issues.

The Law Review publishes three print issues each year. The online supplement highlights the work of NIU College of Law students and is released once a semester.


Each year the law review selects up to twenty-five students to join the publication staff. Students must participate in a write-on competition during the summer prior to the beginning of their second year to be offered a position. Members of the law review participate in an intensive two-semester writing and production program to develop their writing and editing skills. Students retain their positions on the law review staff by submitting at least one paper of publishable quality during the first year of their membership.


The NIU Law Review and the College of Law traditionally host a a one-day Symposium each spring comprised of keynote addresses, presentations and round-table discussions by experts on a given topic. Symposium topics vary from year to year. The Law Review publishes a Symposium issue in conjunction with the Symposium, which is normally the third (Summer) issue of each volume.

Manuscript Submissions

The Northern Illinois University Law Review welcomes the submission of manuscripts concerning topics of legal interest. Please email your submission to or use the following submission services:


Please conform to the following guidelines:

  • Form: Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced. Word or Word Perfect documents are preferred.
  • Citations: Textual and citation form should comply with The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th Ed. 2015).
  • Style: The article and footnotes should be up-to-date at the time of submission. The NIU Law Review requires articles that are heavily footnoted, timely, and original.
  • Vita: Please include on the cover page of your submission the author’s full name, his or her academic and professional affiliations, and the complete address, email address and phone number of the person to whom correspondence should be sent.
  • Abstract: Each manuscript should be summarized in a brief abstract of no more than 200 words.
  • Process: Articles will be considered for publication by the Lead Articles Editors in a timely manner. If any part of the paper has been published elsewhere, the author must include this information at the time of submission.
  • Questions: Email questions to

Copyright Policy

Except as otherwise provided, the author of each article has granted permission for copies of the article to be made available for classroom use provided that:

  • Copies of the article are distributed at or below cost
  • The author and the Northern Illinois University Law Review are identified clearly on the copies and
  • Proper notice of copyrights are affixed to each copy.

Volume 40 Officers

Editor-in-Chief: Kaitlyn Linsner
Managing Editor: Lauren Edmunds
Research Editor: Kelsey Burge
Symposium Editor: Cassandra Crandall

Lead Articles Editors

  • Laura Peters
  • Monica Prisco

Notes and Comments Editors

  • Abdullah Ali
  • Gregory Benson
  • Lu Harmening
  • Kate McIlvanie

Assistant Editors

  • Katelyn Ditzler
  • Steven Kodie
  • Emily Neely
  • David Tersteeg

Staff Members

  • Rachel Albaugh
  • Cole Burton
  • Tristyn Criswell
  • Allison Piper Geber
  • Whitni Hart
  • Kathryn Keizer
  • Katlin Kiefer
  • Margaret Kramer
  • Shiva Lennon-Rios
  • Khalfani Mar'Na
  • Leah Nolan
  • Matthew Picton
  • Emma Ray
  • Joseph Ranvestel
  • Kevin Scheer
  • Colin Siegel
  • Taylor Spooner
  • Jesslyn Truesdale
  • Staci Vazquez

Faculty Advisor

Professor Michael Oswalt

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