Student and Alumni Profiles

Student Profiles

Keith M. Stiggers
Chicago, IL

I am thankful I chose NIU Law because of the relationships I have developed here. I have a whole community of great people I can count on, and I’m confident that the bonds that I have forged this year will be lifelong.

Hayley Botts
Macomb, IL

I am thankful I chose NIU Law because I truly believe that I wouldn't be as successful as I am anywhere else, both inside and outside the classroom.

Andrew J. Mertzenich
Roscoe, IL

[I'm thankful I chose NIU Law because] nowhere on earth will you find a community so accepting of every kind of background and personality.

Alumni Profiles

Karen Donnelly
Class of 2014
LaSalle County (IL) State's Attorney

The College of Law gave me a great education for which I will eternally be grateful. While at NIU Law, I worked for two years for the state’s attorney's office, so I was very fortunate to learn what prosecuting cases is like. I recommend that students ask about various internships and take advantage of them.

Omar Salguero
Class of 2012
Attorney, Latino Immigration & Legal Center, PC

NIU Law provided more than classrooms and theory. NIU is more than an institution of higher education or a platform to meet other professionals. Personally, I see NIU Law as my home and the many talented and intelligent people I met here as family.

Sheri Curran
Class of 1997
General Counsel, Augustana College

It’s a cliché, but so true: NIU College of Law really did teach me how to “think like a lawyer.” [My advice to students is] think specifically about what you want to do with your law degree. Talk to lawyers and understand what they do. If law school is the next step, immerse yourself fully in your education.