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2015 Board of Trustees Professor

Memory, impressions and social perceptions are among the research specialties of psychology professor John Skowronski, Northern Illinois University’s newly named 2015 Board of Trustees Professor.

And NIU students who have taken his courses will tell you the professor certainly is unforgettable.

Alumnus Randy McCarthy remembers Skowronski’s “smooth lectures,” the precise way he communicated complex topics and his encyclopedic memory of materials and outside research. He recalls personal conversations that seamlessly flowed from the philosophy of science to Skowronski’s beloved White Sox. He describes his professor’s generosity and friendliness – bringing in vegetables from a home garden, donating to campus organizations, providing students with his undivided attention. Read the full article in NIU Today.

John Skowronski

John Skowronski
Department of Psychology

The Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees Professorship was established in 2007.

The award recognizes international prominence in research as well as excellence in all facets of teaching.

Upon appointment to the Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees Professorship, the recipient receives a stipend of $10,000/year that will be renewed annually during the period that the individual serves in this role.

No more than two awards are made each academic year and a total of no more than fifteen professorships will be active at any time. The term of the appointment is five years and is renewable on a competitive basis.