Prisoners' Rights Project

The Prisoners’ Rights Project is a two-semester experiential learning course in which third-year law students will be the lead counsel on constitutional tort claims brought by federal prisoners arising out of prison conditions, typically excessive force or failure to receive medical care. Students, typically working in pairs, will handle all aspects of the matters, including meeting with their client in prison, keeping their client updated on the status of his/her case including answering all questions, presenting their client for deposition, identifying witnesses, deposing defendants and identified fact witnesses, retaining experts, preparing and presenting experts for deposition, preparing the pretrial brief and conducting the jury trial in Federal Court.

Students will be required to possess a 711 license and will be guided through the process by an adjunct instructor who is an experienced practitioner in the field. A two-semester commitment is required. Students will receive four hours of course credit each semester.



Lisa Jensen, Adjunct Professor


Phone: 815-986-0810

Prisoners' Rights Project Location:

Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic
401 W. State Street
Suite 600
Rockford, IL