A. Marie Jeannot Schriber, mother of NIU professor emerita Mary Sue Schriber

My mother, A. Marie Jeannot Schriber (1907-2002), loved to tell of her close calls in speakeasys during prohibition in the 1920s, when schoolteachers (her profession) risked their jobs if caught drinking and smoking. Taking a risk and being ready for a good time were characteristic of my mother. What her friends and children and grandchildren most loved about her was her curiosity and her enthusiasm for new ideas. Even in her 90s, she continued to inquire about women's issues and applaud advances in women's rights. A practicing through questioning Catholic and a woman who adored being a mother, she wanted for other women whatever they wanted for themselves. She understood that feminism is the radical notion that women are people. She was a feminist.  (Mary Sue Schriber, Frank and Mary Van Buer, Amy Levin, Liz and Reid Waldeland).