Bold Futures Assignments - NIU - Office of the President

Understanding and Enhancing the Student Experience

A critical step in operationalizing our keystone goal of Student Career Success, guided by our 3 pillars – Ethically Inspired Leadership, Thriving Communities, and Financial Sustainability, is to: “Initiate face-to-face connections between faculty, staff and every student, for purposes of achieving student success, increasing retention, and gaining understandings of student experience and choices.”

Below are links to the assignments that were submitted after this spring's Bold Futures Workshops. Each table/team was assigned a particular problem/opportunity related to the student experience. Each team was asked to interview 8 students (team total) not involved in the BF workshops and then formulate some ideas at a high level, regarding how we can address the problem and /or capture the opportunity.

Student Experience Problems/Opportunities

Define and transform the "Huskie Shuffle."

Create a campus that accommodates and celebrates all seasons of the year.

Ensure every student knows and is known by an academic advisor who is tracking their success.

Transform NIU from a "suitcase" culture into a 7 day/week college experience.

Provide effective and compelling campus connections for non-traditional students.

Ensure the first-year residence hall experience results in student career success.

Imagine ways to address the needs of students who conclude they can't afford to stay.

Place students on a positive career track journey, including mentoring connections with alums.