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The CFM credential sets the industry standard for ensuring knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers.  It is the most respected global credential in facility management. 

Why should you get certified? 

  • Certified Facility Managers have proven their abilities and demonstrated their commitment to achieving excellence in the profession.
  • Earning your CFM is one of the most important career decisions you can make.
  • It's not easy to achieve CFM status.  The CFM designation is a tangible sign of your success. 
  • Facility managers must be proficient in a wide range of competencies and the CFM designation shows the level and skill you have achieved.

Certification Process

  1. Candidate Requirements - Candidates must meet the education and experience requirements outlined by IFMA.  Contact IFMA at www.ifma.org for detail.
  2. Submit Your Application For the Exam- Once you have taken your courses and are ready to take the exam, you may submit your CFM application through the IFMA Web site at www.ifma.org.

Courses to help you prepare for the CFM exam

The FM Learning System available for purchase through IFMA www.ifma.org is an excellent self study resource to help you prepare for the CFM exam.  Exam review sessions are often offered through local IFMA Chapters and at IFMA Conferences.

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