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Community Leadership and Civic Engagement Major

Enterprise Emphasis Area

Students pursuing the Enterprise emphasis are usually interested in the business-side of running a nonprofit organization and want the tangible skills necessary to do so as a career. Others are excited by the promise of social entrepreneurship and may choose an Enterprise emphasis while working toward a certificate in social entrepreneurship through the NIU College of Business.

Students interested in the Enterprise emphasis are required to take ECON 260: Principles of Microeconomics and Econ 261: Principles of Macroeconomics as well as four of the following, from at least three different departments:

  • ACCY 288  Fundamentals of Accounting  
  • ECON 330  International Economics  
  • ECON 385  Introduction to Urban and Regional Economics  
  • HIST 354  Black American Business and Entrepreneurship  
  • HIST 486  Poverty and Progress in Latin America  
  • MGMT 217  Legal Environment of Business  
  • MGMT 311  Social Entrepreneurship  
  • MGMT 333  Principles of Management  
  • MKTG 310  Principles of Marketing