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Community Leadership and Civic Engagement Major

Advocacy Emphasis Area

Students with an emphasis in Advocacy gain the tools needed to become the voice of an organization or cause.

Are you a great writer? Do you give excellent public presentations? Can you create a compelling story that attracts others to your cause? Do you have a knack for promoting events? Have you ever wanted to influence policies and laws? Do you enjoy the thrill of debating and arguing your beliefs? Do you have an interest in communications? Have you considered working on political campaigns?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then an emphasis in Advocacy may be a good fit for you. Graduates with this emphasis enjoy exciting careers such as: Speech Writer, Campaign Manager, Communications Specialist, Lobbyist, Outreach Coordinator, and Policy Analyst, among others.

Students interested in the Advocacy emphasis must select five of the following courses from at least three different departments:

  • COMS 300  Speech Writing  
  • COMS 302  Introduction to Organizational Communication Theory  
  • COMS 305  Argumentation and Debate  
  • COMS 401  Criticism of Public Rhetoric  
  • COMS 403  Freedom of Speech and Communication Ethics  
  • COMS 470  Campaign Strategies and Development  
  • JOUR 401  Editorial and Opinion Writing  
  • POLS 220  Introduction to Public Policy   
  • POLS 330  Bureaucracy and the Public Policy Process  OR PSPA 330X                      
  • POLS 331  Introduction to Public Administration OR PSPA 331X   
  • SOCI 375  Sociology of Organizations  
  • SOCI 392  Organizing for Social Action