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Community Leadership and Civic Engagement Minor


Community Leadership and Civic Engagement Minor

The new Community Leadership and Civic Engagement minor provides students with unique skills and knowledge while preparing them for a variety of career options. It is the perfect way to learn more about non-governmental organization, nonprofits, management, social entrepreneurship, international organizations, philanthropy, and more.

The minor requires six courses (18 credits) and is a valuable addition to any major. 

Departmental Requirements (6 hours)

  • CLCE 100 Introduction to Public Service (3)
  • CLCE 410 Civic Engagement (3)

Requirements outside Department (3 hours)

  • PSPA 326X Nonprofit Management (3)
    or POLS 326 Nonprofit Management (3)

Three of the following from different departments (9 hours)

  • ANTH 329 Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems (3)
  • CLCE 350 Community Organizations in a Digital World (3)
  • CLCE 390 Special Topics in Community Leadership and Civic Engagement (3)
  • CLCE 430 International NGOs and Globalization (3)
  • MGMT 217 Legal Environment of Business (3)
  • MGMT 311 Social Entrepreneurship (3)
  • MGMT 333 Principles of Management (3)
  • PSPA 201 Public Service Leadership (3)
  • PSPA 301 Philanthropy and Volunteerism (3)
  • PSPA 402 Resource Strategies for Non-Profit Organizations (3)
    or MGMT 402X Resource Strategies for Non-Profit Organizations (3)
  • SOCI 375 Sociology of Organizations (3)
  • SOCI 392 Organizing for Social Action (3)

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Students also have the option of majoring in CLCE or pursuing a certificate in civic engagement.

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