Northern Illinois University Law Review

The Northern Illinois University Law Review is a student-edited journal that publishes articles designed to assist the legal community and to stimulate critical discussion of current legal, policy, and social issues. The Review publishes three issues per year, with the third issue being dedicated to a specific legal or social issue the membership has collectively decided to highlight.

Referred to as the "Symposium" issue, this issue is released in conjunction with a one-day conference comprised of presentations, round-table discussions, and keynote addresses by experts on the Symposium topic.

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Each year the Review selects up to twenty-five students beginning their second year of study to join the publication staff. In order to be offered a position, all students must participate in a write-on competition during the summer. Nine positions are offered to the students receiving the highest scores on their write-on submission, eight positions are offered to the students with the eight highest first-year GPAs in their class who produce an "acceptable" write-on competition submission, and eight positions are offered to the eight students with the top eight "composite scores" in the write-on competition, which is a score that factors in both a student's GPA and their write-on competition submission score.

Members of the Law Review participate in an intensive two semester writing and production program designed to develop writing and editing skills. Qualified students earn and retain positions on the Law Review staff by submitting at least one paper of publishable quality during their first year of their membership.

The 2014-2015 Law Review board.

The 2014-2015 Law Review Board of Editors.
(all from left) Front Row: Abigail Buckels, Sarah Hagan, and Beverly Jones
Middle Row: Lauren Racine and Kelli Schmidt
Back Row: Hailey Rehberg, Ashley Hinkle, Michael Toren, Alyssa Freeman, and Amanda Beveroth
Not Pictured: Crystal Malone