Community Life Committee (CLC)

The purpose of the Community Life Committee (CLC) is to facilitate communication and to help develop a sense of community in the Law School among the faculty, students, student organizations, and the administration. Heads of all student organizations or that person's designated representative are informed of the Committee's meetings and are encouraged to attend.

The Community Life Committee is composed of law school faculty members, administrators, and members of the student body. Faculty are appointed by the Dean and the students are selected via the following process: when an opening occurs, a letter of interest is submitted to the Community Life Committee, which screens the applicants and sends its recommendation to the SBA. The SBA makes the final selection. Two students from each class are selected to serve on the Community Life Committee. A third year student chairs the Committee.

These representatives attend meetings, work on special projects, and vote on pressing issues that are brought to the Committee's attention. Although only the designated representatives may vote, meetings are open to everyone in the student body. The CLC also appoints advisory members to sit on various faculty and law school committees, such as Legal Writing, the Library, Curriculum, and Bench and Bar.