Law Journal Press treatises

The Law Library offers online access to 14 Law Journal Press treatises. Per agreements with the publisher, only one user can access a given title at a time.

The titles available are:

  • Antitrust Basics / Thomas V. Vakerics
  • Antitrust: An Economic Approach / Richard A. Givens
  • Class Actions: The Law of 50 States / Thomas A. Dickerson
  • Corporate Privileges and Confidential Information / Jerome G. Snider et al.
  • Grand Jury Practice / Howard W. Goldstein
  • Health Care Benefits Law / Jeffrey D. Mamorsky
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes / John H. Mathias, Jr. et al.
  • Intellectual Property Law / Jay Dratler, Jr. & Stephen M. McJohn
  • Internet and Online Law / Kent D. Stuckey
  • Law and Practice of Secured Transactions / Richard F. Duncan et al.
  • Licensing of Intellectual Property / Jay Dratler, Jr. & Stephen M. McJohn
  • RICO: Civil and Criminal Law and Strategy / Jed S. Rakoff & Howard W. Goldstein
  • Structured Settlements and Periodic Payment Judgments / Daniel W. Hindert et al.
  • Travel Law / Thomas A. Dickerson

If you have questions or comments about the Law Journal Press treatises online, please contact John Austin, Director of the Law Library.