New Books in the Law Library, July 2011

Location/Call No. Title Date
Law--AV Reserve    
K2400 .B493 2009 Private dispute resolution in international business : negotiation, mediation, arbitration / Klaus Peter Berger. 2009
Law--Ill Coll. (Circ.)    
KFI1276.5.A2 I45 Illinois MCLE marathon / Practising Law Institute. 2010
KF245 .B37 2010 Understanding and mastering The bluebook : a guide for students and practitioners / Linda J. Barris. 2010
KF245 .B54 2011 Prince's dictionary of legal citations : a reference guide for attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, and law students / by Mary Miles Prince. 2011
KFI1275 .W65 2009 Illinois legal research / Mark E. Wojcik. 2009
KF1250 .J64 2009 Mastering torts : a student's guide to the law of torts / Vincent R. Johnson. 2009
KF1649 .H67 2011 Federal antitrust policy : the law of competition and its practice / by Herbert Hovenkamp. 2011
KF8935.Z9 M84 2008 Evidence / by Christopher B. Mueller, Laird C. Kirkpatrick. 2008
KF245 .B68 2011 Cite-checker : your guide to using the bluebook / Deborah E. Bouchoux. 2011
KF303 .M85 2000 Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam review program [electronic resource]. 2000
JX3185 .V6 2010 Law among nations : an introduction to public international law / Gerhard von Glahn, James Larry Taulbee. 2010
K212 .L394 2010 Empirical methods in law / Robert M. Lawless, Jennifer K. Robbennolt, Thomas S. Ulen. 2010
K588 .B37 2008 Shaping the common law : from Glanvill to Hale, 1188-1688 / essays by Thomas Garden Barnes ; edited and with an introduction by Allen D. Boyer. 2008
K588 .L36 2009 History of the common law : the development of Anglo-American legal institutions / John H. Langbein, Rene¿¿e Lettow Lerner, Bruce P. Smith. 2009
K721.5 .P448 2010 Property outlaws : how squatters, pirates, and protesters improve the law of ownership / Eduardo Moise¿¿s Pen¿¿alver, Sonia K. Katyal. 2010
K1420.5 .G65 2010 International copyright : principles, law and practice / Paul Goldstein, P. Bernt Hugenholtz. 2010
K2400 .B493 2009 Private dispute resolution in international business : negotiation, mediation, arbitration / Klaus Peter Berger. 2009
K3585 .H68 2010 Taking back Eden : eight environmental cases that changed the world / Oliver A. Houck. 2010
K3585.5 .C37 2010 Climate change law and policy : EU and US approaches / Cinnamon Pin¿¿on Carlarne. 2010
K5301 .T377 2009 International crime and punishment : a guide to the issues / James Larry Taulbee. 2009
KBP526.3 .T83 2008 Women, family, and gender in Islamic law / Judith E. Tucker. 2008
KD606 .P65 2010 Contract & consent : representation and the jury in Anglo-American legal history / J.R. Pole. 2010
KD7612 .H35 2010 Habeas corpus : from England to empire / Paul D. Halliday. 2010
KF242.A1 B551 2011 Mining the internet's public records for investigative research / Carole A. Levitt and Mark E. Rosch. 2011
KF250 .C528 2010 Scholarly writing : ideas, examples, and execution / Jessica L. Clark, Kristen E. Murray. 2010
KF272 .M55 2010 Teaching law : a framework for instructional mastery / by Nelson Miller ; with accompanying CD Vickie Eggers. 2010
KF272 .S37 2009 Teaching law by design : engaging students from the syllabus to the final exam / Michael Hunter Schwartz, Sophie Sparrow, Gerald Hess. 2009
KF281.A2 K67 2010 Make your argument : succeeding in moot court and mock trial / John Korzen. 2010
KF283 .G35 2010 Coming to law school : how to prepare yourself for the next three years / Ian Gallacher. 2010
KF283 .G66 2009 Law school 101 : how to succeed in your first year of law school and beyond / R. Stephanie Good. 2009
KF283 .M66 2010 Demystifying the first year of law school : a guide to the 1L experience / Albert J. Moore and David A. Binder. 2010
KF283 .R37 2010 Law school survival manual : from LSAT to bar exam / Nancy B. Rapoport and Jeffrey D. Van Niel. 2010
KF283 .W46 2009 Deconstructing legal analysis : a 1L primer / Peter T. Wendel. 2009
KF298 .S52 2009 Sharing the pants : essays on work-life balance by men married to lawyers / Jacquelyn Hersh Slotkin, Samantha Slotkin Goodman, editors. 2009
KF300 .E56 2009 Partner track : how to go from associate to partner in any law firm / Cliff Ennico. 2009
KF305 .A2 2011 Model rules of professional conduct / Center for Professional Responsibility American Bar Association 2011
KF311 .G56 2009 Regulation of the legal profession / Stephen Gillers. 2009
KF314.C45 C65 2011 Compendium of client protection rules / Center for Professional Responsibility. 2011
KF325.189 .Y68 2010 Young lawyers of the American Bar Association : celebrating 75 years of excellence / by Bill Beck. 2010
KF352 .T73 2009 Transformations in American legal history : essays in honor of professor Morton J. Horwitz / Daniel W. Hamilton, Alfred L. Brophy ; editors. 2009
KF373.C625 A3 2010 Counsel for the situation : shaping the law to realize America's promise / William T. Coleman, Jr. ; with Donald T. Bliss. 2010
KF390.O7 N48 2009 Guide to oral history and the law / John A. Neuenschwander. 2009
KF538 .B69 2010 Unmarried couples, law, and public policy / Cynthia Grant Bowman. 2010
KF539 .M67 2009 Moral argument, religion, and same- sex marriage : advancing the public good / edited by Gordon A. Babst, Emily R. Gill, and Jason Pierceson. 2009
KF539 .S775 2011 Same-sex unions across the United States / Mark Strasser. 2011
KF577 .B39 2010 Concise guide to the nuts and bolts of estates and future interests / Andrew Beckerman-Rodau ; edited by Molly Rodau. 2010
KF681 .P79 2011 New RESPA rule : navigating new disclosures / by Carl G. Pry. 2011
KF801 .H8521 Modern law of contracts / Howard O. Hunter and Keith A. Rowley, 2011
KF1307 .R68 2009 Civil liability in criminal justice / Darrell L. Ross. 2009
KF1361 .R53 2010 Rise of the uncorporation / Larry E. Ribstein. 2010
KF1423 .B762 Law of corporate officers and directors : rights, duties, and liabilities / by Edward Brodsky, M. Patricia Adamski. 2011
KF1600 .C59 2009 War against regulation : from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush / Phillip J. Cooper. 2009
KF2231 .L44 2010 Legality of search and seizure in DUI cases : leading lawyers on understanding law enforcement search procedures, challenging seized evidence, and protecting clients' privacy rights / Aspatore. 2010
KF2980 .I6 2011 IP issues in business transactions, 2011 / Practising Law Institute. 2011
KF3319 .B44 2009 Invisible hands, invisible objectives : bringing workplace law and public policy into focus / Stephen F. Befort and John W. Budd. 2009
KF3455 .G76 2010 Shameful business : the case for human rights in the American workplace / James A. Gross. 2010
KF3512.Z9 U532 2011 Evolving world of ERISA 2011 : an introduction / Practising Law Institute. 2011
KF3941 .L68 2010 More guns, less crime : understanding crime and gun-control laws / John R. Lott, Jr. 2010
KF4119 .F76 2009 From schoolhouse to courthouse : the judiciary's role in American education / Joshua M. Dunn and Martin R. West, editors. 2009
KF4124.5 .D45 2010 Knowledge in the making : academic freedom and free speech in America's schools and universities / Joan DelFattore. 2010
KF4209.3 .L39 2009 Law of special education and non- public schools : major challenges in meeting the needs of youth with disabilities / Charles J. Russo ... [et al.]. 2009
KF4225 .G35 2009 Trials of academe : the new era of campus litigation / Amy Gajda. 2009
KF4290 .E578 2011 Entertainment law for the general practitioner / X.M. Frascogna, Jr., Shawnassey B. Howell, and H. Lee Hetherington. 2011
KF4550 .E83 2010 Republic of statutes : the new American Constitution / William N. Eskridge Jr. and John Ferejohn. 2010
KF4551 .R53 2010 Fundamentalism in American religion and law : Obama's challenge to patriarchy's threat to democracy / David A. J. Richards. 2010
KF4930 .O75 2010 Origins of the Necessary and Proper Clause / Gary Lawson ... [et al.]. 2010
KF5060 .D57 2010 Zones of twilight : wartime presidential powers and federal court decision making / Amanda DiPaolo. 2010
KF5729 .G37 2010 Ordering the city : land use, policing, and the restoration of urban America / Nicole Stelle Garnett. 2010
KF6324 .H69 2009 Getting a poor return : courts, justice, and taxes / Robert M. Howard. 2009
KF6400 .N23 2011 Practitioner's guide to innocent spouse relief : proven strategies for winning Section 6015 tax cases / by Robert B. Nadler. 2011
KF8205 .P63 2009 Broken landscape : Indians, Indian tribes, and the constitution / Frank Pommersheim. 2009
KF8210.S84 M38 2010 American Indians and the fight for equal voting rights / Laughlin McDonald. 2010
KF8700 .B67 2009 God in the courtroom : religion's role at trial / Brian H. Bornstein and Monica K. Miller. 2009
KF8713.8 2009 Congress and the courts : a legislative history 2005-2008, the 109th through the 110th Congresses : documents and materials regarding the creation, structure, organization, decisions and jurisdiction of federal courts and the federal judiciary / edited by 2009
KF8719 .M67 2008 Most dangerous branch : the judicial assault on American culture / edited by Edward B. McLean. 2008
KF8725 .S39 2009 Mechanical witness : a history of motion picture evidence in U.S. courts / Louis-Georges Schwartz. 2009
KF8742 .M265 2009 Shaping America : the Supreme Court and American society / Edward F. Mannino. 2009
KF8742 .M296 2010 American Supreme Court / Robert G. McCloskey ; revised by Sanford Levinson. 2010
KF8748 .F79 2009 Will of the people : how public opinion has influenced the Supreme Court and shaped the meaning of the Constitution / Barry Friedman. 2010
KF8776 .G53 2009 Citizens, courts, and confirmations : positivity theory and the judgments of the American people / James L. Gibson and Gregory A. Caldeira. 2009
KF8807 .D86 2010 Judicial clerkships : a practical guide / Mary L. Dunnewold, Beth A. Honetschlager, Brenda L. Tofte. 2010
KF8900 .P743 2011 Pretrial practice, 2011 / Practising Law Institute. 2011
KF8902.E42 F447 2009 Law on display : the digital transformation of legal persuasion and judgment / Neal Feigenson and Christina Spiesel. 2009
KF8935 .F88 2011 Future of evidence : how science & technology will change the practice of law / Carol Henderson & Jules Epstein, editors. 2011
KF9227.C2 C656 2009 Death by jury : group dynamics and capital sentencing / Nadine M. Connell. 2009
KF9656 .T754 2010 Trial techniques for criminal cases : leading lawyers on developing a case theory, preparing for trial, and managing client expectations / Aspatore. 2010
KF9672 .E938 2009 Expert testimony on the psychology of eyewitness identification / edited by Brian L. Cutler. 2009
KF9779 .E44 2011 Juvenile justice : a social, historical, and legal perspective / Preston Elrod, R. Scott Ryder. 2011
KFD213.Z9 W531 Delaware law developments ... : what all business lawyers need to know / Practising Law Institute. 2010
KJE5142 .H69 2010 EU race directive : developing the protection against racial discrimination within the EU / Erica Howard. 2010
KJV4000 .D451 2009 French arbitration law and practice : a dynamic civil law approach to international arbitration / Jean-Louis Delvolve¿¿, Gerald H. Pointon, Jean Rouche. 2009
Law--Vertical File    
KF2995 .A62 2011 What is a copyright? / ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law 2011