New Books in the Law Library, April 2011

Call No. Title Date
Law--AV Reserve    
J 16.112:W 89/CD Administrative guide [videorecording] : Offender Workforce Development Specialist Partnership Training Program : introduction / National Institute of Corrections, Transition and Offender Workforce Development Division. 2010
J 28.15:0116.00 CBRN protective ensemble : standard for law enforcement. 2010
J 28.27/2:G 74 Governing science / Malcolm K. Sparrow. 2011
J 28.27/2:P 75 Making policing more affordable : managing costs and measuring value in policing / George Gasco¿¿n and Todd Foglesong. 2010
J 28.27/2:P 75/2 Police science : toward a new paradigm / David Weisburd and Peter Neyroud. 2011
JU 13.8:C 56/2010 Managing class action litigation : a pocket guide for judges / Barbara J. Rothstein & Thomas E. Willging. 2010
PR 44.8:D 36/G 95/RECOMM. Deep water : the Gulf oil disaster and the future of offshore drilling : recommendations / National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling. 2011
Y 3.2:F 49/2/C 86 Financial crisis inquiry report : final report of the National Commission on the Causes of the Financial and Economic Crisis in the United States / submitted by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission pursuant to Public Law 111-21. 2011
Y 4.J89/1-17:2010 Federal rules of bankruptcy procedure / Committee on the Judiciary. 2010
Y 10.2:D 35/2010 Federal debt and interest costs. 2010
Y 10.2:EM 4/2 Evaluating limits on participation and transactions in markets for emissions allowances / [Andrew Stocking]. 2010
Y 10.2:F 21/8 Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the federal role in the secondary mortgage market / [Deborah Lucas and David Torregrosa]. 2010
Y 10.2:H 34/27 Selected CBO publications related to health care legislation, 2009-2010. 2010
Y 10.2:T 68/2010 Public spending on transportation and water infrastructure / [Nathan Musick]. 2010
Law--Ill Coll. (Circ.)    
KFI1326 .R474 2011 Residential real estate 2011 / Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education ; general editors, Myles L. Jacobs, Thomas J. Anselmo ; chapter authors, William J. Anaya ... [et al.]. 2011
KFI1413 .I453 2011 Illinois business law : miscellaneous operating issues / Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education ; Donald R. Tracy, general editor ; chapter authors, Ivar R. Azeris ... [et al.]. 2011
KFI1730.Z9 I44 2011 Illinois causes of action : estate, business & nonpersonal injury actions / Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education ; Timothy W. Kelly, Richard P. Goldenhersh, general editors ; chapter authors, James L. Anderson ... [et al.]. 2011
Z253 .C44 2010 Chicago manual of style / The University of Chicago Press. 2010
Law--Reserve (24 Hr.)    
KF850 .K49 2011 Government contracts in a nutshell / by Steven W. Feldman, W. Noel Keyes. 2011
KF1071 .H39 2011 Broker-dealer regulation in a nutshell / by Thomas Lee Hazen. 2011
KF2905.3.Z9 B68 2011 Medical liability in a nutshell / by Marcia M. Boumil, Paul A. Hattis. 2011
KF8858 .P45 2011 Principles of federal jurisdiction / by James E. Pfander. 2011
KJE949 .F55 2011 European Union law in a nutshell / by Ralph H. Folsom. 2011
Law--Reserve (4 Hr.)    
KFI1294 .I441 2011 Illinois family law : preliminary considerations in dissolution actions / Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education ; chapter authors, David C. Ainley ... [et al.]. 2011
HQ755.5.U5 C46 2011 Century of eugenics in America : from the Indiana experiment to the human genome era / edited by Paul A. Lombardo. 2011
K3367 .B34 2011 Judges under fire : human rights, independent judges, and the rule of law / Harold Baer, Jr. 2011
KF299.G6 H473 2011 Landing a federal legal job : finding success in the U.S. government job market / Richard L. Hermann. 2011
KF306 .R53 2011 Professional responsibility in litigation / Douglas R. Richmond, Brian S. Faughnan and Michael L. Matula. 2011
KF1071.Z9 B74 Broker-dealer and adviser regulatory compliance forum / Practising Law Institute. 2010
KF1175 .S53 2011 Advisor's guide to life insurance / Harold D. Skipper, Wayne Tonning. 2011
KF1183 .N382 2011 Navigating healthcare reform / Daniel Baltuch, Alden J. Bianchi, Martin Bienstock ... [et al.]. 2011
KF1263.C65 D37 2011 Data breach and encryption handbook / Lucy Thomson, editor. 2011
KF1316.Z9 S63 2011 Social media, 2011 : addressing corporate risks / Practising Law Institute. 2011
KF1449.Z9 H68 Hot issues in securities laws / Practising Law Institute. 2010
KF1524 .C664 2011 Consumer, individual and small business bankruptcy cases, 2011 / Practising Law Institute. 2011
KF1614 .H68 Hot topics in advertising law / Practising Law Institute. 2010
KF3024.C6 C56 2011 Practical guide to software licensing for licensees and licensors / by H. Ward Classen. 2011
KF3512.Z9 E71 ERISA fiduciary investment basics / Practising Law Institute. 2011
KF3775.A75 E525 2011 Environmental aspects of real estate and commercial transactions : from brownfields to green buildings / James B. Witkin, editor. 2011
KF4749 .A7451 Federal civil rights acts. 2011
KF4829 .M55 2011 Immigration compliance auditing for lawyers / Charles M. Miller, Marcine A. Seid, S. Christopher Stowe, Jr. ; foreword by Paul W. Virtue. 2011
KF5402 .A83 2010 Mastering administrative law / William R. Andersen. 2010
KF6499.M4 T3906 Corporate tax practice series : strategies for acquisitions, dispositions, spin-offs, joint ventures, financings, reorganizations & restructurings / Practising Law Institute ; edited by Louis S. Freeman. 2009
KF8779 .A96 2011 Annotated model code of judicial conduct / Center for Professional Responsibility ; Arthur Garwin ... [et al.]. 2011
KF8839 .F5 2010 Materials for a basic course in civil procedure / by Richard H. Field, Benjamin Kaplan, Kevin M. Clermont. 2010
KF8900 .A58 Advanced deposition techniques / Practising Law Institute. 2010
KF8959.A7 G471 Attorney-corporate client privilege / John William Gergacz. 2011
KF8961 .E97 2011 Expert witness, 2011 / Practising Law Institute. 2011
KF8979 .F66 2011 Mastering voir dire and jury selection : gain an edge in questioning and selecting a jury / Jeffrey T. Frederick. 2011
KF9011 .L53 2011 Federal habeas corpus practice and procedure / Randy Hertz, James S. Liebman. 2011
KF9670 .C371 Law of electronic surveillance. 2011
PR3028 .Y67 2011 Thousand times more fair : what Shakespeare's plays teach us about justice / Kenji Yoshino. 2011
Q180.55.M67 C47 2010 Law in the laboratory : a guide to the ethics of federally funded science research / Robert P. Charrow. 2010