Online catalog help

NIU catalog:

There are two versions of the NIU catalog available.  Both versions of the NIU catalog search the same underlying information.

  • TheVu-Find version has a simple, "Google-like" search box.
    • Vu-Find allows users to save "favorites," to view book reviews & information from Google Book Search, and to add tags and comments to items in the catalog. 
    • Users are allowed to choose their own user name and password  when they create a Vu-Find account (see below).
  • The 'Classic' version offers some specialized searches (publisher, call number, etc.) not available in Vu-Find. 
    • The Classic version requires you to log in using your library ID number (17-digit NIU OneCard number) and last name.

The I-Share catalog:

The I-Share 'Universal Catalog' of 70+ Illinois libraries can only be searched using the Vu-Find interface.

  • Before requesting books in the I-Share catalog, you will need to set up a Vu-Find account (see below).  
  • Please note that if an item you request at a particular library is not available for some reason, the system will automatically move your request to the next library with an available copy; you do not need to re-request the item yourself.

To set up a Vu-Find account:

  • Follow the instructions on the CARLI library consortium web site.
  • Important: the e-mail address you enter when creating your Vu-Find account does not govern where your overdue and courtesy notices are sent. These notices are always sent to your official NIU e-mail address.