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Morse TanMorse Tan
Associate Professor of Law

B.A., Wheaton College
M.A., Wheaton Graduate School
J.D., Northwestern University
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Professor Morse Tan Writes on North Korea in National Law Journal

Professor Morse Tan wrote an opinion piece for the February 17, 2014 edition of the National Law Journal.  Tan addresses the issue of human rights in North Korea under leader Kim Jong-Un.  

Professor Tan Writes Guest Column for JURIST

Professor Morse Tan published a comment on February 1, 2014 in the online legal journal JURIST.  The comment addresses potential issues in international law raised by recent atrocities in Syria.

Chicago Area Law Professors to Discuss Syrian Humanitarian Crisis from an International Legal Perspective

Student leaders representing different chapters of the International Law Students Association (ILSA) from law schools around the Chicago area have collaborated to bring together the best international legal scholars in the region for a panel discussion on Syria.  

Professor Morse Tan of the NIU College of Law is one of those scholars.  He will be joined on the panel by Professors Rosado and Brown from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Professors Ward and Kelleman from DePaul University College of Law, and Professor Telman from Valparaiso University Law School. 

The discussion will be from the unique viewpoints of international legal scholars in their respective fields of law.  Professor Tan is a leading scholar on North Korea’s vast human rights violations as well as international criminal law, and has emphasized the importance of continuing the conversation about human rights violations like those happening in Syria.

The panel discussion on Syria will take place at the Chicago-Kent College of Law Ogilvie Auditorium on Tuesday, November 19, at 5:00 p.m. Schools participating in the event include Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Chicago-Kent, Northern Illinois University, DePaul University, and Valparaiso.

The North Korean Security and Human Rights Crises

Professor Morse Tan penned his first piece for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in the publication's September 10, 2013 edition.  The article details developments in North Korea over the past year which Professor Tan argues have created the most significant violations of human rights in the world at present.  

Professor Tan Presents at Faculty Workshop

Professor Morse Tan spoke regarding the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at Valparaiso University Law School along with several other presenters from various law schools as part of a faculty workshop.

Professor Tan Recognized Among Outstanding New NIU Faculty 

During his State of the University Address on October 11, 2012, NIU President John Peters presented a video highlighting a group of outstanding new faculty at the University.  Professor Morse Tan was one of those featured in the video, detailing his choice to come to the College of Law and the benefits of working at NIU.  The video can be found on the NIU YouTube channel.  

Professor Tan Garners Book Contract with Routledge Press

Professor Morse Tan signed a book contract with this well-respected academic press in Great Britain on the national security and human rights crises relating to North Korea.

Professor Tan Meets With South Korean Ambassador

Professor Morse Tan recently had a meeting with Ambassador Y.J. Choi, the South Korean Ambassador to the United States, during which the Ambassador received copies of Professor Tan's scholarship, primarily regarding North Korea.

Professor Morse Tan with Ambassador Y.J. Choi, the South Korean Ambassador to the United States.

Professor Morse Tan's Article Featured in SMU Law Review

Professor Tan accepted an offer from SMU Law Review for his article, "Finding a Forum for North Korea", which he presented earlier at the Central States Law Schools' Association annual conference.

Professor Morse Tan Receives Grant

Northern Illinois University has granted Professor Tan a Research and Artistry Grant to support his book project regarding the human rights and nuclear crises in North Korea.

Tan Quoted in Web Article on South Korea

Professor Tan was interviewed and quoted as a source in the following article for Law360.com in regards to the United States' Free Trade Agreement with South Korea.*

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