Faculty News for Professor Jeffrey Parness

Professor Jeffrey ParnessJeffrey A. Parness
Professor Emeritus

B.A., Colby College
J.D., University of Chicago
Email: jparness@niu.edu
Phone: (815) 753-0340

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Parness Completes Prolific Semester

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness had a busy Spring 2015 semester. He once again taught the Illinois Civil Procedure course, utilizing, in part, the 2014-2015 edition of his book, Illinois Civil Procedure. He served as the Reporter for the ISBA’s 2015 Allerton Conference where the programs covered “New Realities of Civil Practice: Economics, Ethics and Innovation.”  He signed a contract to publish a new book with Lexis Nexis in 2016, to be titled, “Principles Guiding Civil Claim Settlements.” Further, Professor Parness committed several new articles to publication--some available for download from SSRN--including:

“Illinois Lawyer Investigations of Current Client Concerns,” 36 Northern Illinois University Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2016).

“Choosing Among Imprecise American State Parentage Laws,” 76 Louisiana Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2016).

“The New Illinois Crime Victim Restitution Right:  Revolutionary?”, 27 DuPage County Bar Association Brief ___ (forthcoming 2015).

“Kids are Parental Property,” 103 Illinois Bar Journal __ (forthcoming 2015).

Professor Emeritus Parness Gives Presentations and Publishes New Legal Writing

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness had a prolific second half of 2014. He was a discussant for two programs at the Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) in August 2014. One panel discussed “Cutting Edge Issues in Family Law” and the other panel examined “Emerging Issues in Reproductive Rights.” He spoke on “De Facto Parenthood” at the 25th Annual Educational Seminar of the Central Illinois Paralegal Association in Bloomington, IL in September 2014; on “Respecting Imprecise American State Parentage Laws” at the 5th Loyola Constitutional Law Colloquium in Chicago, IL in November, 2014; and on “Ethical and Other Guidelines for Civil Claim Investigations by Lawyers” at a DuPage County, IL Bar Association CLE in December 2014.     

Professor Parness' forthcoming book with the American Bar Association is now titled, “A Primer on Federal and State Parentage Laws: Myths and Realities.” The 2014 – 2015 edition of his Lexis Nexis book, “Illinois Civil Procedure,” was released in September 2014.

The following articles were committed to publication this past Fall and 2 of 3 are available for download on his NIU Law webpage:

“Formalities for Informal Adoptions,” Capital University Law Review.

ICWA’s Pre-Existing Custody Requirement: A Flexible Approach to Better Protect The Interests of Indian Fathers, Children and Tribes,” with Amanda Beveroth, Children’s Legal Rights Journal of Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

Troxel Revisited: A New Approach to Third Party Childcare,” Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest.

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness Quoted in Chicago Lawyer Magazine

Professor Parness was quoted in Roy Strom's article in the September 2014 edition of Chicago Lawyer.  The article deals with a controversial legal dispute over eight frozen embryos and the possible implications for future cases regarding custody and other issues related to artificial insemination.  Professor Parness' quote can be found on page 7 of the article.

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness Appears on Chicago Counterpoint TV, July 2014

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness Completes New Articles

Professor Parness has produced the following articles, all of which have appeared or are scheduled to appear in publications.  Once published, all articles can be accessed via his NIU Law webpage.

"Evolving Illinois Parentage Laws," 59 ISBA Trial Briefs No. 10 (April 2014).

"Dangers in De Facto Parenthood," 37 Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review Issue 1 (forthcoming December 2014).

"Formalities for Informal Adoptions," 43 Capital University Law Review Issue 2 (forthcoming 2015).

"Intra Law Firm Privileged Communications," with Evan King, 46 St. Mary's Law Journal (forthcoming 2015).

Professor Parness is also under contract with the American Bar Association to publish a book in 2015 entitled, "Top Ten Misconceptions About U.S. Parentage Laws."

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness Writes Letter to Editor in CDLB

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness wrote a letter to the editor of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin that was published in the June 17, 2014 edition of the publication.  The letter, entitled "Exploring More Paths to Legal Fatherhood," explores the evolution of the legal notion of fatherhood in the state of Illinois. 

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness Completes New Articles

Professor Parness has the following law articles scheduled to appear soon.  Each is now posted on SSRN and can be accessed via his NIU Law webpage:

Parentage Law (R)Evolution:  The Key Questions,” 59 Wayne Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2014).

Survey of Illinois Law:  Stepparent Childcare,” 38 Southern Illinois University Law Journal ___ (forthcoming 2014).

Survey of Illinois Law: Statutory Damage Exclusions,” 38 Southern Illinois University Law Journal ___ (forthcoming 2014).

Constitutional Constraints on Second Parent Laws,” 40 Ohio Northern University Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2014).

Parentage Prenups and Midnups,” 31 Georgia State University Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2015).

Parness Presents at Faculty Workshop

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness presented his paper, “Constitutional Constraints on Second Parent Laws,” at the Regional Faculty Workshop at Valparaiso University Law School in Valparaiso, IN on March 21, 2014.  The paper explores the federal constitutional limits on de facto, presumed, and comparable American state parentage laws prompting either child visitation/custody rights or child support responsibilities.

Professor Emeritus Parness Presents at Adoption Law Conference

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness presented his paper, “Formalities for Informal Adoptions,” at the Tenth Annual Wells Conference on Adoption Law, at Capital University Law School in Columbus, OH on March 6, 2014.  The paper examines the differences between formal and informal adoptions (e.g., via de facto parent and comparable American state laws) and suggests new requirements are necessary to uphold the federal constitutional interests of both the informal adopters and others, including established parents and children.

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Parness Writes New Commentaries

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness produced 3 commentaries for publication in Volume 59 of Trial Briefs, the newsletter of the ISBA’s Section Council on Civil Practice and Procedure.  The first (appearing in July 2013) is entitled “Non-resident’s Streams of Conduct and Personal Jurisdiction” and highlights the importance of Russell v. SNFA, 2013 IL 113909, and of the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Fiore v. Walden.  The second (appearing in December 2013) is entitled “New Guidelines on Privileged Marital Communications” and focuses on People v. Trzeciak, 2013 IL 114491.  The third (appearing soon) is entitled “The Limits on Common Law Privileges and Self-Critical Analyses" and reviews Harris v. One Hope United, Inc., 2013 IL App (1st) 131152.

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Parness Produces New Scholarly Projects

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness is in the process of creating several significant academic activities.  With Maggie Bennett, Professor Parness spoke on the proposed new Illinois Parentage Act to the Kane County Bar Association on September 11, 2013.  Professor Parness’ article, “Parentage Law (R)Evolution: The Key Questions” will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Wayne Law Review.  His essay, “Aunt Bee as Mom, Stepmom or Grandmom?,” will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Drake Law Review Discourse.  Professor Parness will also present a paper, “Formalities for Informal Adoptions,” at the 10th Annual Wells Conference on Adoption Law in Columbus, Ohio on March 6, 2014 at the Capital University Law School.

Professor Emeritus Parness Writes Article for ISBA's "Trial Briefs"

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness contributed to the Illinois State Bar Association's "Trial Briefs" newsletter in an article for their July 2013 edition.  The article deals with precedents set by U.S. Supreme Court cases regarding streams of conduct and personal jurisdiction.

Professor Emeritus Parness Receives ISBA Presidential Commendation

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Parness receives the Presidential Commendation Award from the Illinois State Bar Association.

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness was presented with the Presidential Commendation Award from Illinois State Bar Association President John Theis for his dedicated service over a period of many years in support of the ISBA's Allerton Conference sponsored by the Civil Practice and Procedure Section Council.  Professor Parness received the honor on Friday, June 21st.

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Parness Highlights Spring Semester

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey A. Parness had a busy Spring 2013 semester.  He taught two classes, Civil Procedure II and Civil Claim Settlements (with a new edition of his book which will be available electronically from Carolina Academic Press this Fall).  He completed two articles for the NIU Law Review – one on superior parental rights and the other on privacy limits on civil claim investigations, as well as two columns for the ISBA Journal – one on evidence presentation duties and the other on discovery of electronically stored information.  He updated his Illinois Civil Practice book with LexisNexis, with a new edition to appear in August 2013.  He served on both the Family Law and Civil Practice and Procedure Section Councils of the ISBA, as well as the Reporter for the 2013 ISBA Allerton House Conference from April 11-13.  He testified twice (March 6 and March 20) before the Judiciary Committee of the Illinois House of Representatives on the proposed new Illinois Parentage Act.