Nicholas Atwood

Nicholas Atwood

About Nicholas: I am considering taking advantage of the joint MPA program offered by Northern Illinois University while I am at NIU Law.  I want to work for an NGO or a public interest group one day. In my free time I like to hang out with my wife and our cats, read, hike, and watch movies.   

Previous Legal and/or Professional Experience: I spent a few years after college working for a sales and delivery company which allowed me to interact with the community a lot. Through that job, I was able to see the way that attorneys affect people and the good they do in the community.

Why did you choose NIU Law? The Office of Career Opportunities and Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at NIU Law spoke to us when I was here for Admitted Students Day and their message about the affordability and quality of education of this institution really resonated with me.

What activities do you want to be involved in? I’m already involved in the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund as a 1L Representative, and am interested in being a member of the Constitutional Law Society.  I am also interested in participating in trial advocacy.

This interview was conducted in Fall 2013. 

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