Mike Kinsella

Mike Kinsella

About Mike: I was a rural economic development volunteer in the United States Peace Corps and spent 7 months on a mission in Paraguay. While I was there, I helped develop the soy and grain industries in the area, with the help of local producers. My primary focus was on improving the lives of farmers in the community. Later, I worked as a project manager for a manufacturing company before coming to law school. While in law school, I hope to further my experience in community development with the hope of finding a career in public interest law. My main goal is to one day represent and uphold the rights of underprivileged people.

Previous Legal and/or Professional Experience: In addition to being a member of the United States Peace Corps, I also worked as a project manager for Icon Identity Solutions, which did national sign manufacturing/commercial branding. While in college, I worked for Capital Markets Consultants, an investment consulting firm, as a research associate.

What activities are you involved in? I like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. My favorite activities include biking, fishing, camping, and traveling. I plan on being involved in the Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity, the Latino/a Law Students Association, the Trial Advocacy Society, the Public Interest Law Society, and the NIU Law intramural soccer team. I also want to maintain and improve my Spanish speaking abilities.

What do you like most about being at NIU Law? Thus far, I have been impressed by the level of interest that 2nd and 3rd year students demonstrate towards 1st year students. The upper-class students have been extremely welcoming. They have been introducing us 1Ls to student organizations, as well as to academic and professional opportunities within the College of Law. Law school life thus far has been great, because the faculty and the administration have been eager to help new students every step of the way.

This interview was conducted in Fall 2011.

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