Joey Padalino

Joey Padalino

About Joey: I attribute my success thus far in life to my parents.  My mother emphasized the importance of education and my father sacrificed a lot for me to have the lifestyle that I have.  I studied political science here at NIU, then took a year off and worked in IT repair before coming to law school. My road to NIU Law took several unexpected turns.  I started out my undergraduate career studying computer science, and then switched to economics where I had to take a few business law classes. That inspired me to take criminal law classes as I worked towards earning my Bachelor’s degree. In my free time I enjoy being social, playing games and being part of a bowling league.

What activities do you want to be involved in? While at the NIU College of Law I am looking to get involved in Trial Advocacy.  After graduation I hope to work in Corporate Law, Criminal Law, or as a judge.

This interview was conducted in Fall 2013.

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