Jeffrey Reed

Jeffrey Reed

About Jeff: I am married and have one young son who I love very much. We live in Algonquin, IL. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, running, and reading for pleasure.

Previous Legal and/or Professional Experience: I studied Political Science as an undergraduate and then worked in business after graduation. I worked various corporate jobs, including 5 years as a pricing strategist, and a product manager for three and a half years. Though I have many interests, law has always been one of them.

Why did you choose NIU Law? I decided to come to NIU Law over other schools because my father-in-law and several friends had gone here and said it was a great academic experience and that debt after graduation was manageable.

What activities do you want to be involved in? I am open to ways to become involved at NIU Law, with a primary concern for helping people who don’t have means to help themselves. I am involved with the American Constitution Society and am leaning towards working in civil law or maybe product liability after graduation.

This interview was conducted in Fall 2013. 

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