Hailey Rehberg

Hailey Rehberg

About Hailey: I’m from the very small town of Newark, Illinois, where I grew up on my family’s farm. I just graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the spring, where I studied political science and philosophy. I decided to come to law school because I really believe in equal access to justice and because I want to help people. I hope to become a public defender or to do some other kind of public interest law.

Previous Legal and/or Professional Experience: I was fortunate to get quite a bit of experience during my undergraduate career. I spent a semester interning for the Campaign for Better Health Care, a non-profit organization. This internship gave me insight into how a non-profit organization is run. I also spent a summer doing externships with a State's Attorney’s office, a city legal department, and a circuit judge. It was by doing these externships that I really knew that I wanted to become a lawyer. During the last year of my undergraduate study, I spent five months working for a lobbying firm in Washington D.C. I got to go to Congressional hearings two or three times a week and to see exactly how Congress works. This past summer, I interned with my local public defender’s office. I really enjoyed getting the experience of being inside a courtroom.

What do you like the most about being at NIU Law? I looked at quite a few different law schools, but when I visited NIU Law, I knew that I found where I belonged. I love the atmosphere. I don’t feel like I’m in competition with every other student here; I feel that if I needed help, anyone in the school would help me, not try to hinder me. It’s very refreshing and makes law school more enjoyable.

This interview was conducted in Fall 2012.

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