Brie Simkulet

Brie Simkulet

About Brie: My fiancé and I live in Leaf River, IL. In my free time I enjoy watching legal TV shows and playing video games.   

Previous Legal and/or Professional Experience: After graduation I took a year off and worked in retail before coming to NIU Law to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. I am open to several different career paths at this point, including becoming a judge or working in the healthcare field. I am specifically interested in malpractice and employment law.

Why did you choose NIU Law? The family-oriented atmosphere makes the time and money invested well worth it.

What activities do you want to be involved in? I have already gotten involved as the 1L Representative to the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, and hope to get involved in the Trial Advocacy litigation preparation program.

This interview was conducted in Fall 2013. 

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