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First-Year Information and Requirements

First-year students taking in a lecture.

The required first-year student curriculum is designed to ensure the development of a fundamental understanding of the law, legal analysis, and the legal process. It provides the basic building blocks of a rewarding professional career.


The first-year experience begins with an orientation introducing the academic and organizational skills that a law student must master to successfully complete law school. The orientation provides basic instruction in case briefing, synthesis, note taking, IRAC, and exam writing. These skills are practiced in the context of a mock class. In addition, first-year students participate in discussions regarding learning styles, time management, and professionalism and ethics. Finally, first-year students will have the opportunity to work with College of Law faculty and staff and with upper-level students. The orientation is designed to:
  • Give first-year students an opportunity to practice important academic and organizational skills in a supportive environment with minimal stress;
  • Introduce and discuss the fundamental importance of ethical and professional behavior in the law school and in the profession; and
  • Acclimate first-year law students to the law school.

First-Year Required Courses

Full-time, first-year students are automatically registered for all required courses. No additional courses may be added. Students are not permitted to change from one section to another in any required course without the permission of the Dean's Office.

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