Certificate Programs

The College of Law offers five Certificate Programs for students matriculating beginning in August 2011.

In addition, the College of Law together with the Graduate School offers a Graduate Certificate in Law & Women's Studies.

Instructions for Certificate Applications

  • 1. Complete digital version of application (Download below; PDF files compatible with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers. Others such as Mozilla Firefox may not function properly).
  • 2. Email digital version to jmahoney@niu.edu.
  • 3. Print hard copy of application, check that information is correct, then sign / date it.
  • 4. Give hard copy to supervising faculty member for review and signature:
    • Civil Advocacy - Professor David Taylor
    • Criminal Practice - Professor Marc Falkoff
    • Business Law - Professor John Walton
    • International Law - Professor Morse Tan
    • Public Interest Law - Associate Dean David Gaebler
  • 5. Associate Dean Gaebler must also approve and sign all forms, including those NOT in Public Interest Law.
  • 6. When all approvals and signatures are acquired, turn hard copy form in to Julie Mahoney-Krzyzek (SP285).
  • 7. It is preferred that this process is completed by the time Statement of Candidacy meeting with Julie takes place. (October for December graduates; February for May graduates)

Application Forms