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Bar Admission

Admission to the bar and the right to practice law is controlled by the various state supreme courts and not the law schools. In any given jurisdiction (including Illinois), the requirements for admission to the bar typically include graduation from an accredited law school, successful completion of the state's bar examination, and demonstration of the requisite character and fitness to practice law.

A number of individual states require that anyone intending to practice law in those states must formally register with a designated state office or official before commencing with his or her law studies. A few states require certain law school courses to be taken by all bar applicants. Every prospective law student should ascertain and comply with the requirements of the state where he or she intends to practice. There are presently no advance registration requirements in Illinois.

The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination is given in the middle of March, August, and November, and is required for admission to the bar in many jurisdictions, including Illinois.

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