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Doressia Hutton

Doressia Hutton

Did you always want to be a lawyer, and how did NIU help you achieve your goals? I always knew that I wanted to be a lawyer and that I wanted to be a litigator. I wasn’t sure what type of litigation, so I had an open mind. After my first semester, I was encouraged to get guidance from the Office of Career Opportunities. My counselor encouraged me to apply to some of the large firms in Chicago. She reached out to many of her contacts. When I went to a large firm after my first year, I felt that I was better prepared than other students. I knew how to do my legal research and how to write well.

What were you involved with while you were at NIU Law? I was involved with law review and moot court. The professors are so willing to mentor students!

Do you have any advice for future attorneys? There are many intangibles that go into success in your field. You have to network and have to have people skills. There is a lot that goes into it: there isn’t a set skill set. As a student, you get the opportunity to interact with many alumni to get a chance to see what their career paths were like. There are many opportunities! You need to take advantage of the resources that are available to you and follow through on them.

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