Accessibility Statement

The following suggested accessibility statement is provided for faculty at NIU to incorporate into their academic syllabi. Faculty should know that not including such a statement does not release faculty from the responsibility of providing accommodations. Students should know that whether the following statement (or one similar) does or does not appear on a course syllabi, students do have the right to request disability related accommodations. Students with disabilities seeking accommodations that have not already done so, should contact the Disability Resource Center to meet with a staff member to identify what accommodations may be reasonable and appropriate based upon the nature of the student's disability.
Accessibility Statement

Northern Illinois University is committed to providing an accessible educational environment in collaboration with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Any student requiring an academic accommodation due to a disability should let his or her faculty member know as soon as possible. Students who need academic accommodations based on the impact of a disability will be encouraged to contact the DRC if they have not done so already. The DRC is located on the 4th floor of the Health Services Building, and can be reached at 815-753-1303 (V) or

To assist NIU in providing an accessible and inclusive environment, the following suggested accessibility statements are provided for departmental and programmatic use. Please contact a DRC staff member with questions or concerns about regarding access for and inclusion of students with disabilities at NIU.

 For events: "To request disability related accommodations, please contact NAME at NUMBER/EMAIL. Advance notice is appreciated."

 For brochures: "To request this brochure in an alternate format please contact NAME at NUMBER/EMAIL."