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CSWGS Weekly Digest

CSWGS Digest for 11/13-11/19:

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CSWGS Events

Silence and Avoidance: LGBTQ Students’ Experience in the Classroom
CSWGS Talk by Dr. Katy Jaekel
Tuesday, November 14
Reavis Hall, Room 103
College classroom environments are at the heart of college students’ academic and social experience and a prime space for both academic and social integration (Tinto, 1997).  Yet, these spaces continue to be chilly places for LGBTQ students (Rankin & Garvey, 2015).  Thus, the goal of this research project was to understand ways in which LGBTQ students experience their classroom environments, faculty interactions, and curricula.  Findings suggest that LGBTQ students continue to face discrimination in the classroom as well as silences in curricula. Given this information, recommendations for faculty and future faculty will be provided regarding how to engage in more inclusive classroom practices.


As you may know, we are in the final stages of drafting a proposal for an undergraduate MAJOR in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The WGSS major would incorporate courses from both Women’s and Gender Studies and LGBT Studies. Students have been asking for this major for years, and we are thrilled to be so close to sending it up through the administration…but we NEED YOUR HELP to make the case that students actually want and would sign up for the major. We have created a 5-minute survey to help us gather relevant data to include in our proposal and to strengthen our program in other ways.   This survey can be taken by anyone, including alumni and current students alike!  Here it is!  

**WGST/LGBT Minor or Certificate students who are planning to graduate in December—please email to confirm that you’ve completed graduation requirements and let us know you’re graduating!**

Mark your calendar—Upcoming CSWGS Events

Learning Science Through Art
Tuesday, November 28
Women have a long and rich history in science, yet continue to be underrepresented in many STEM fields. Join us for a discussion of how students in the Fall 2017 Women in Science class (WGST/BIOS/GEOG 324) have used quilting as a medium to learn about the history and current status of women in science. Students will present information about the famous women scientists they chose to represent on their quilt . General discussion of teaching science through art will follow.

CSWGS Craft Fair!
Tuesday, December 5- Wednesday, December 6
CSWGS Reavis 103
Searching for beautiful crafts for the upcoming holiday season?  Search no more!  CSWGS is hosting our annual  craft fair to benefit student scholarships! 
If you’re a crafter, artist or maker who would like to donate your work to the fair, please drop it off at the CSWGS office any time before December 1st! 

Calls for Participation
Updated weekly, you can find information on calls for participation in conferences, calls for submissions in journals and other publications, internships, scholarships, and other opportunities at If you know of an opportunity, tell us about it by emailing

Visit to view our growing calendar of events!

Other Campus Events

Statements of Love and Solidarity
Tuesday, November 14- Monday November 20
GSRC Conference Room
Take the time to write out why you take pride in being trans or how you plan to act in solidarity with transgender people. Prompts, sheets, and writing utensils will be provided, just stop into the GSRC for a moment to fill one or two out!

Diversity Dialogues- Ju Hong
Tuesday, November 14
Carl Sandburg Auditorium, HSC
Ju Hong, a recent University of California, Berkeley graduate shares his story as one of the millions of undocumented immigrants living in America today. 

Trans Pride Community Brunch
Wednesday, November 15
GSRC Conference Room
Enjoy a positive and uplifting community space throughout the day on Wednesday to relax and get together before the end of the semester begins. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the brunch. Guided discussion will be from 12pm – 1:30pm. We will be discussing topics such as self-love, how being trans has shaped our experiences, and what trans identity means to us! All are welcome, and please note this space centers transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people.

Know Your Rights
Wednesday, November 15
Campus Life Building
Join DREAM Action, Black Student Union, Phi Rota Eta, Inc. to learn about your rights as a student! Ask questions and get your answers from a panel of administration and lawyers.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil
Monday, November 20
MLK Commons or HSC University Suite if inclement weather
Join the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center and Transitions for Transgender Day of Remembrance for a vigil that will honor those who have been lost to anti-trans violence. We will be reading the names of transgender individuals who have been murdered in 2017 as well as hosting a short reception afterwards that will include a call to action.

Undocumented Ally Training
Tuesday, November 21
Capitol Room, Holmes Student Center
DREAM Action NIU cordially invites you to attend the 2017 fall Undocumented Ally Training scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 21st from 8:30 a.m. to Noon at the HSC, Capitol Room.   RSVP online by Friday, November 11

Rise: Symbols of Protest
Monday, November 27
Visual Art Building, room 214

An exhibit curated by graduate student Rachelle Wilson-Loring will feature CSWGS student work, including banners, protest signs, buttons and clothing from anti-war movements, civil rights, environmental rights and women’s rights, and discuss how protest movements have occurred at NIU. 

Social Justice Mixer, feat. Quilts and Human Rights
Wednesday, November 29
6-7:30 pm
Pick Museum of Anthropology at NIU, Cole Hall
Come socialize, eat, drink with Dream Action NIU! The NIU Jazz Ensemble will perform & there will be a guided tour of the Quilts & Human Rights exhibit. Cosponsored by NIU Center for Latino and Latin American Studies, and the Pick Museum of Anthropology.

Temple Grandin: Developing Individuals Who Have Different Kinds of Minds
Wednesday, December 6
Duke Ellington Ballroom, HSC
Temple Grandin is a best-selling author and internationally acclaimed speaker on autism. Grandin was one of the first people to publicly share her insights into autism from an insider’s perspective. She is a prominent author and speaker on autism, and has published multiple books on the subject. Grandin also has a successful career consulting on both livestock handling equipment design and animal welfare. She is a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and has authored several books on animal behavior and working with animals. Grandin’s success story was told in the 2010 film “Temple Grandin,” an award-winning HBO production starring Claire Danes.