Rec Rewards

rec rewards

All Campus Recreation Members are eligible to join the free Rec Rewards Incentive Program. To join, you must complete a Rec Rewards Registration Card and sign in at the main desk at any of our facilities, every time you work out. After registering, you will be emailed your Rec Rewards member code. Use your code to check your points online every Tuesday.

Rec Rewards Members earn points towards a prize awarded at the end of each semester. In addition to the semester prize, members will be entered into our 7 monthly raffles for a Nike Fuel Band for every 15 points earned. Points start over in Spring 2014 for another chance to win a prize and get rewarded for working out!

Register online

Where to claim your points:

Activity Point Value Where to Record Your Points
Open Recreation 1 (per day) SRC/Field House/NewHall/Gilbert Front Desk
Aquatics 1 (per day) With Lifeguard
Intramural Sports 2 (per game/tournament) With Official
Sport Clubs 2 (per practice/tournament) Submitted by Club President
Group Fitness 2 (per class) With Pass Checker
Outdoor Adventures 2 (per rental/trip) Adventure Center Desk
Personal Training 3 (per session) With Trainer
Nutrition Coaching 3 (per session) With Coach

Semester Prizes:

Prize Semester Points
Sport Bag 35 - 64
Water Bottle 65 - 99
T-shirt 100 +

Fuel Bands:

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