The Last Ice Age - A Previous Permanent Exhibit

The Last Ice Age

A Previous Permanent Exhibit

This exhibit focused on the excavations carried out in 1976 at the Johnson Farm in Leland, Illinois. While Lorne Johnson and his sons were widening a stream that drained their farm, they discovered a three-foot long mastodon jawbone.

The bone was analyzed by The Anthropology Museum. Further excavations were conducted by NIU faculty and students. The investigations recovered hundreds of bones from a mastodon skeleton dating to approximately 11,000 years ago. These skeletal remains are currently housed at The Anthropology Museum.

This exhibition provided a comparison of mastodons and mammoths, and explained how bones turn into fossils. The exhibit also included a section containing information on stone tool production. It also introduced the Land Bridge Theory which suggests a human migration route from Asia to the Americas.

This exhibit closed in August 2010.