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Chair, Dr. Kendall ThuOn behalf of NIU’s Anthropology Department, I want to extend a welcome to visit our program via our website. Here you will find how anthropology comes alive through our faculty, staff, and students. Click for more.

Department News


Congratulations to Graduate Student Anthonie Tumpag. He has been awarded an Asian Leadership award from Illinois State Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger and ABC7's news anchor Judy Hsu
for his efforts to uplift the Filipino culture. Please see this article entitled "NIU graduate student honored for asian american leadership efforts"

Dr. Giovanni Bennardo has been invited to China to to give 2 talks and a 2 week seminar in the Department of Anthropology at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. The title of the 2 week seminar is "Cognition and Culture" and the titles of the two public talks are " Linguistic Methods in Search of Culture in Mind" and " A Blended Methodological Approach to Cultural Models" (department of Philosophy). He is currently in China and will return on May 10.

 Please see this article featuring Dr. Giovanni Bennardo, entitled "Climate-change frontlines" Click here for article.

Congratulations to Dr. Judy Ledgerwood, who has received 1 of the 2 Presidential Engagement Professorships for the year 2015!

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Schuller, for being awarded a NSF grant for the next 4 years worth $425.000!

Please see this article "Anthropology is so important all children should learn it" Click here for article.

On March 12, Dr. Giovanni Bennardo will host an international conference, sponsored by the NSF and University of Verona entitled, "Local Knowledge and Climate Change: Fieldwork Experiences." Click here for flyer.

Congratulations to The Anthropology Museum Director, Jennifer Kirker Priest, for her nomination of a Presidential SPS Award. Click here for article

Please see the article featuring Dr. Dan Gebo, "Why scientist, general public don't always see eye to eye." Click here for article (NIU Newsroom)


Please see the article featuring Dr. Dan Gebo, "NIU's Dan Gebo wins Professor of the Year for hands on teaching." Click here for article (Northern Star)

Please see the article featuring Dr. Dan Gebo, entitled "NIU's Dan Gebo named "Illinois Prorfessor of the Year"" Click here for article (Daily Chronicle)

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