4+3 Bachelor/J.D. Dual Admission

NIU is excited to combine strengths in undergraduate academic offerings with the excellent opportunities available through the NIU College of Law

Select incoming NIU freshmen are offered the opportunity to participate in a 4 + 3 Bachelor degree (BA or BS) and juris doctor degree (J.D.). Undergraduates enrolling in the program are conditionally admitted to NIU’s College of Law. Admission to the College of Law will be confirmed during the student’s senior year at NIU, provided the student meets the requirements outlined below.

Admission to the NIU
College of Law requires:

  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.25
  • Completion of the LSAT by October of the senior year at NIU; and
  • An LSAT score that meets or exceeds the median of the most recent entering class (median score for class entering NIU’s College of Law in fall 2010 was 153)
  • Completed application to the College of Law by December 1 of the senior year at NIU
  • Satisfactory demonstration of all character and fitness requirements, pursuant to the College of Law’s standards for bar certification.

Special opportunities for
4 + 3 undergraduates 

The College of Law Office of Admissions will coordinate opportunities within the College of Law for undergraduates enrolled in the 4 + 3 program throughout the student’s undergraduate career. These opportunities may include:

  • An annual meeting with a College of Law faculty member
  • Invitations to programs and events sponsored by the College of Law
  • Occasional meetings with currently enrolled students in the College of Law. 


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Any student holding NIU undergraduate scholarships should note that these awards are exclusively for students enrolled as undergraduates at the NIU DeKalb campus and that these funds do not transfer to any other campus or to any NIU professional or graduate program.

The College of Law benefits from the advantages of a large university, especially with respect to the availability of financial aid.  Close to 60% of the College of Law’s student body secures tuition waivers in the form of scholarships, research assistantships, and graduate assistantships.