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Undergraduate Degree Programs

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Across our seven colleges, you have your choice of over a hundred courses of study, ranging from engineering and teaching to the arts and sciences, and everything in between. We offer 56 majors with 90 emphases, 73 minors and seven pre-professional programs. NIU Huskies become nurses, engineers, lawmakers, teachers, artist, scientists, communicators and so much more. 

Faculty and staff advisers are available in each college and department to help you select a major, design a program of study, map out your schedule, monitor your academic progress and clarify your career goals.

If you're still trying to decide which is major is right for you, the Academic Advising Center assists students with identifying major and career options.


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Educator licensure is available. Students planning to teach in senior or junior high schools must major in a subject area.

Accountancy (B.S.)

Anthropology (B.A. and  B.S.)

Applied Management (B.S.)
Emphasis in Computer Science, Public Safety, Instructional Technology, or Training and Evaluation

Art (B.A.)

Art and Design Education (B.S.Ed.)

Art History (B.A.)

Athletic Training (B.S.)

Biological Sciences (B.S.)

Business Administration (B.S.)

Chemistry (B.S.)
Emphasis in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry for Pre-Professional Students, or Secondary Teaching

Communication Studies (B.A. and B.S.)
Emphasis in Rhetoric and Public Communication, Media Studies, or Organizational/Corporate Communication

Communicative Disorders (B.S.)

Community Leadership and Civic Engagement (B.A. and B.S.)
Emphasis in Advocacy, Arts and Humanities, Enterprise, Environmental, or Global

Computer Science (B.S.)
Emphasis in Computational Software, Enterprise Software or Software Development

Early Childhood Studies (B.S.)
Emphasis in Professional Educator License with Early Childhood Education Endorsement and Preschool Special Education Approval (College of Education) 

Early Childhood Studies (B.S.)
Emphasis in Professional Educator License with Early Childhood Education Endorsement (College of Health & Human Sciences)

Economics (B.A. and B.S. )

Electrical Engineering (B.S.)
Emphasis in Biomedical Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering

Elementary Education (B.S.Ed.)

English (B.A.)
Emphasis in English Studies, English Studies in Writing, or English Studies Leading to Secondary Licensure in English Language Arts 

Environmental Studies (B.A. and B.S. )
Emphasis in Biodiversity and Environmental Restoration, Educator Licensure-Environmental Science, Energy Studies, Human Experience, Environmental Policy, Non-Government Organization, or Water Sciences

Family and Child Studies (B.S.)
Emphasis in Child Development, Family and Individual Development, or Family Social Services

Fashion Merchandising

Finance (B.S.)

French (B.A.)
Emphasis in French Language and Literature or Translation and Business French

Geography (B.A. and B.S. )
Emphasis in Geography or Geomatics

Geology and Environmental Geosciences (B.S.)
Emphasis in Earth and Space Science Education, Environmental Geosciences, or  Geology

German (B.A.) 
Emphasis in German Language and Literature or Translation and Business German

Health Education (B.S.Ed.)

Health Sciences (B.S.)

Emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation Services

History (B.A. and B.S.)

Hospitality Administration

Emphasis within the Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Administration comprehensive major

Industrial and Systems Engineering (B.S.) 
Emphasis in Engineering Management, Health Systems Engineering, or Manufacturing Systems

Journalism (B.A. and B.S.)

Kinesiology (B.S.)

Management (B.S.)
Emphasis in Human Resource Management or Leadership and Management

Marketing (B.S.)

Mathematical Sciences (B.S.)
Emphasis in Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematics Education, or Probability and Statistics

Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)
Emphasis in Advanced Computing and Simulation, Mechatronics and Robotics, or Sustainable Energy

Medical Laboratory Sciences (B.S.)

Meteorology (B.S.)

Music (B.A. and B.M.)
For the B.M., emphasis in Composition, Music Education, or Performance

Nursing (B.S.)

Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management (B.S.)
Emphasis in Hospitality Management or Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

Operations and Information Management (B.S.)

Philosophy (B.A. or B.S.)

Physical Education K-12 and 6-12 Educator Licensure (B.S.Ed.)
Emphasis in General Physical Education/K-12 and 6-12 Educator Licensure or 6-12 Educator Licensure

Physics (B.S.)
Emphasis in Applied Physics, Professional Physics for Graduate Study, or Secondary School Teaching

Political Science (B.A. and B.S.)
Emphasis in International PoliticsJustice and Democracy: The American Experiment, Politics, Public Administration and Service, or Public Law

Psychology  (B.A. and B.S.)

Public Health (B.S.)
Emphasis in Environment and Health, General Public Health, Health Administration, or Health Promotion

Sociology (B.A. and B.S.)

Spanish (B.A.)
Emphasis in Spanish Language and Literature or Translation and Business Spanish

Special Education (B.S.Ed.)
Emphasis in Learning Behavior Specialist I or Vision Impairments

Studio Art (B.F.A.)
Emphasis in Design and Media Arts or Studio

Technology (B.S.)
Emphasis in Applied Manufacturing Technology, Aviation Management Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Energy and Environmental Technology, Industrial Management and Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, or Nuclear Engineering Technology

Theatre Arts (B.F.A.)

Emphasis in Acting, Dance Performance, or Design and Technology

Theatre Studies (B.A.)

Six-Year (3+3) Integrated Programs

Integrated B.A. or B.S. Program in Sociology and the College of Law

Integrated B.S. /J.D. Program in Engineering or Engineering Technology and the College of Law

Integrated B.S. or B.A./J.D. Program in Political Science and the College of Law